STAMINA was founded by twin brothers, Vishal and Ashish Balguer in 2011, with great zeal, gusto, and gaiety. Both of them have played at international level and won accolades across the globe. During one of their tours, they realized they could contribute towards the upliftment of fitness level. Inspired by various programs conducted overseas for the betterment of health conditions, they both decided to take a step and perk up health and fitness awareness.

They came up with the idea of opening a gym to help its customers reach their goals, simplifying their paths, leading them towards “being in shape”.

The pair decided the name-“STAMINA” a decade ago, for stamina means endurance and endurance means strength.

Not just a gym, but a platform where people of all age groups could enhance their power of endurance, is what the duo wants to build.

Located in one of the posh areas of Delhi (GK-1), {Address: E-72, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi-110048} attracts people for its wonderful ambiance. There is a lot of space for parking near the gym and a magnificent park just opposite to it which adds to the benefits of STAMINA’S customers. Around 600 registered members, STAMINA wants to expand it to infinity so that “fitness” reaches every corner of the world.



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